APC 600 va UPS

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It takes a small spike, surge, brownout or any other fluctuation in the voltage and your equipment may be permanently damaged or data may get destroyed and your operating system files might get corrupted. Without you knowing, faulty electrical power can insidiously wear down your system over a period of time. One way is to avoid such a disaster by installing APC Back UPS BX600C IN 600VA UPS.Automatic voltage regulation of UPS automatically steps up low voltage and steps down high voltage to levels which are suitable for your equipment and it has battery charging indicator. It lets you know when your battery is charging and when it is fully charged.
The APC UPS model has useful and excellent feature battery saver function that increases your battery life by two times. It shuts your UPS down before the battery is completely drained. The nominal input voltage of UPS is 230 V, input voltage range for main operations is 145-290 V and input frequency is 47.63Hz.It has fast battery charging capability which allows for reduced battery recharge time and it prevent disturbances on the distribution system by correcting the power factor.This model is specifically designed for both large work places and home-based offices.
The APC Back UPS BX600C IN 600VA UPS allows you to recharge your battery while on generator power. LED status display of UPS can quickly understand the unit and power status with visual indicators. UPS also protects the battery against damage caused by deep discharge and provides back feed protection. This model gives a stepped approximation to sine wave output.

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